We are Wadium

The company that simplifies your complex payroll processes. We’re experienced in our field, we’re driven by innovation and develop customer-centric solutions to create happiness.

Who We Are

Wadium was founded in the Netherlands (2009) by a group of professionals with dozens of years of payroll processing experience. Ever since, we have been involved in many challenging projects which lead to one crystal clear conclusion: current payroll systems are inflexible ancient dinosaurs that should be extinct by now. It’s our mission to become their asteroids.

What We Believe

We believe in simplifying complexity. It’s the main driver to develop solutions for our clients, based on their specific needs and not what the industry thinks they should accept. Furthermore, we believe in focus. So we deploy our passion and expertise on one thing and one thing only: building best of breed payroll solutions for large and international companies.

High Tech With High Touch

What we develop and built is not based on any available payroll system out there. We have started from scratch and used modern technologies and architecture to cater to 2019 customers. In contrast to so many technology companies we are not treating our clients as data providers to be used for internal management statistics. We want to understand what drives you, we want to know what you know and we want to feel your pain points. Our experts are real people, not chatbots, and they engage in real conversations with you. We deliver as promised, building long term relationships along the way. Keeping things simple, that’s how we do business.

Why Wadium?

  • One centralized platform and database
  • Instant modifications to entire organization
  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Real time processing and management insights
  • Cost efficient deployment and maintenance
  • Reliable technology and business intelligence

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