“ I facilitate happiness “

Our staff is our most important asset and they want to be informed better than ever. So we provide them with all the information they need, when they need it, how they need it and where they need it.

Multi-National Organization

If your company is staffed in multiple countries, you’re probably working with several local payroll providers. Let’s simplify that. Wadium is the only company in the world to offer you a single global payroll solution. Our Solution can be populated with local laws and regulations from one location, keeping all information centralized and safe. New company wide regulations can be implemented worldwide easily and fast. Language and currency? That’s up to you!

  • Globally consolidated real-time insights
  • Implement new regulations world wide and fast
  • Multi language and multi currency
  • One provider, one solution, full control

National Organization

We offer complete control and transparency based on reliable real-time information. Detect abnormalities automatically and take informed decisions. Make company specific rules, regulations and incentive schemes available to all your offices, in one go. Imagine one centralized solution for HQ and all your regional offices. Flexible, user friendly, stable, compatible and fast.

  • Augment efficiency of HR processes
  • Detect abnormalities automatically
  • Full control and transparency
  • Consolidated and detailed reports

Managed Services Provider

Improve your service value and increase your profitability. We will empower you with a simple, smart and future proof engine so you can service your national and international customers with less staff and faster implementation. And this will have a business impact for all involved. How’s that for an unfair advantage?

  • Increase your profitability with less staff
  • Improve your service value instantly
  • Introduce new services to beat competition

Business Partner

Our philosophy is quite simple: building smart payroll solutions that will allow our partners to easily grow their business. So improve your proposition instantly and team up with the world’s first global payroll solution provider. What we offer is not just another improved system. We offer a completely redesigned innovative solution that operates in real-time. Reliable, fast, flexible and one of a kind.

  • Improve your proposition by teaming up
  • Allow your clients to grow their business
  • Be disruptive with the first true global solution