Our payroll software system combines high-performance with a flexible way to operate and maintain the system by your HR-professionals. If requested Wadium Payroll can be connected to our Wadium HR-framework or to any other HR-system.

Benefit Payment

Our benefit payment software solution combines high-performance for high-volume processing for pension funds and social security organizations with flexibility in operation and maintenance. We offer either an in-service or an in-house mode upon the client's request

An advanced and efficient platform

Wadium’s systems are based on robust payroll concepts and architecture for an optimal and efficient use of the application

Easy-to-use and scaleable

Easy-to-use parametrization by HR-professionals, scaleable, high-performance for efficient and effective management/ maintenance

Short time-to-market implementation

Short time-to-market for implementation and/of changes of existing implementations and additions of new clients/ schemes

“in-house” and “in-service” modes

Our payroll software functionality is available in the in-house and in-service mode upon the client’s request



Wadium’s solutions are based on proprietary concepts, application architecture and software. We develop our Excasso/Payroll and HR software using market standard technology such as Java/Oracle/SQL.  

For the development of our markets we collaborate with service bureaus and organizations that deliver payroll solutions to endusers. Wadium offers its software solutions through local partners.  

For the Middle-East and African markets Wadium collaborates with dopay (PPCE)

Transfer Solutions

In case of complex projects for large organizations Wadium collaborates with implementation partners. These are specialized system intergrators that are capable of supporting the client with the implementation of Wadium’s software products, the conversion of data, the phasing out of the current legacy software and, if requested by the client, the management and maintenance of the Wadium software.

Transfer Solutions is a Dutch mid-sized system integrator and employs 150 professionals. Its clients are cross-industry companies and organizations, including government and pension funds. Transfer's activity portfolio comprises of ICT services in the field of implementation, system management, maintenance and support. Transfer Solutions is a dedicated and certified Oracle partner.