“ I love smart
simplicity “

We got rid of old school complexity and are now dealing with our payroll processes in a far more flexible and agile way. This solution is smarter than I ever considered possible…

Empowering your payroll services

You can easily embed our fully managed payroll engine in your daily operations,
whether you're a BPO service provider, an HR software supplier or a corporate with an inhouse HR solution.

Run your own solution without building it

We deliver a worry free payroll engine and fully take care of technology aspects, application integration and compliance to regulations.

Create instant added value for your clients

Wadium strengthens the value proposition towards your clients with additional benefits to improve their performance.

Take advantage of high performance at low costs

Wadium requires no upfront investment and you just pay an attractive all-inclusive fee. The smart operational design guarantees low organizational costs.

One smart process:

1. Import

We are taking care of linking your HR, financial and other corporate systems to our solution. We organize this process both technically and ogranizationally in a way that suits you best.

2. Calculate

The international payroll calculation is the beating heart of our service, but you won't notice. At every mutation the calculation is automatically carried out and all results are available instantaneously.

3. Check

The outcome of mutations is checked in real-time by our automated checks and balances system. Together we finetune this set of rules and customize it to your specific preferences.

4. Approve

Everything has already been processed. Draft pay slips and all other output are available. Nothing more needs to be calculated. You just have to approve.

5. Distribute

After approval, we will distribute the output among all parties involved. If desired, it is possible to include output automatically in self-service portals or other systems.

What you like

  • Instandly improved service value
  • Increased profitability with less staff
  • New services to beat competition
  • Always up-to-date regulations
  • Superb flexibility and scalability
  • Fully managed cloud solution
  • Be disruptive with a genuine global solution

What your customer likes

  • Real-time processing
  • Automatic anomaly detection
  • Fully automated retroactive accounting
  • Consolidated and detailed reports
  • Mobile access, anytime, anywhere
  • Augment efficiency of HR processes
  • Multilingual and multi currency
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